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Breaking the news to your kids that you're getting a divorce

Making the decision to divorce isn't easy, but telling your kids can be heart breaking. Blanca Cobb shares tips when telling your kids that you're getting a divorce

The decision to get a divorce usually isn't an easy decision to make. But, telling your kids about your divorce can be more difficult. Before you tell your kids, think about what you want to say. What do they need to know? Remember that you might not be able to answer all their questions initially because you don't know the answers yet. If possible, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse should be on the same page about what to say to your kids. It's better to keep your explanation simple and factual. 

You can say something like, "Your mom and I decided to get a divorce. We don't love each other in a way that two people should that will make a marriage work. This means that our family will change."

Kids tend to want to know the reason for the divorce. Depending on their age, they might think they're to blame. Make sure they know that your divorce has absolutely nothing to do with them. They want to know how their life is going to change. Where they're going to live, what school they'll go to, when they'll see each parent, etc. Your kids are going to want to know how their life will change. 

They might ask questions that you don't know the answers to yet. And that's ok. You can explain that you'll answer questions when you know the answers. Help them understand that it's a process. 

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