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Talking To Kids About 9/11

It's important to talk to kids about the impact of 9/11 to our country even if they don't remember or were born years after. Blanca Cobb shares tips.

Today, it's been 18 years since the 9/11 terror attacks on our nation. For many of us, it's a somber moment. For many kids, 9/11 doesn't have too much significance because the event is too far removed from their memories and for others, they were born years after 9/11.

Although that may be the case, it's important to talk to kids about the impact of 9/11 as it continues to effect our country. As an example, our air travel has changed with stricter security measures such as taking off shoes, jackets and walking through a detector to ensure that no one has weapons. 

When you talk to your kids about 9/11, stick to the facts. Explain what happened based on your kid's developmental level. For younger kids, broad statements will work whereas older kids might want and can handle more details. Talk about the ways the terrorist attack impacted you. Talk about the first responders and others who sacrificed their safety and lives to help those trapped in the World Trade Center. If you teary eyed, it's more than okay to show your emotion. 

Some kids may not recognize the importance or understand the reasons you're talking about 9/11, an event that happened almost two decades ago. You can help them understand all the ways our country continues to protect us. A terrorist attack is a possible and realistic danger facing our country. And kids should understand this possibility while continuing to live smartly and safely. 

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