When you visit The Barbecue Center in Lexington of course you think of a barbecue plate complete with hush puppies but if you go on a Friday or Saturday night you might see more scoops of ice cream than cole slaw.

The workers say they crank out nearly 100 of their gigantic banana splits each night. They work so hard on those nights that the waitresses actually draw numbers to see who gets to be on banana split duty from 6 to 8pm!

The owner says that they actually started as an ice cream shop decades ago but the barbecue took over as time went on. However their ginormous treat is still a crowd pleaser at this Lexington institution and literally draws people in from all over the state.

If you want to visit the Barbecue Center they are located at 900 N Main St in Lexington, NC. and their phone number is (336) 248-4633. Their website is http://bbqcenter.net/