GREENSBORO, N.C. — Lose weight fast!  Sounds like the beginning of a big disappointment, right?

But a Triad woman did it and she's sharing her secret.

Tanae Walker lost 40 pounds in 4 months and she did it right after she turned 40.  She says that's an age when the weight doesn't fall off so easily.

"I felt like my metabolism just died. It just said, 'Rest In Peace, Metabolism, dead,'" said Walker.  "So, I had to rev it back up that's what the exercise is about."

Walker laid out her secret to weight loss success in her book, "My Journey Losing 40 Pounds, In 4 Months While Over 40."

It comes complete with a juicing guide, recipes, journal and even exercise routines.  She says once you decide you want to lose weight, get started!

"When you're overweight, it hurts to run, literally.  So, I would start with walking.  And once you build your knee strength I would run and walk.  You know, you can run a little bit, walk a little bit but start with walking that's the first thing," said Walker.

Like all journeys, Walker said she reached a turning point.

"I got on that scale and it said 159 and I burst into tears I was so upset with myself I wasn't upset with anyone else but myself because I was like how in the world did I get to this place.  So then I really had to do some self-reflecting and really realize it's on me."

Walker's book is available on Amazon and at Scuppernong Books in Greensboro.

You can also connect with her on her website, by clicking here.