It's officially Decemeber.. and the countdown to the holidays are on. That's why this morning our home improvement expert Tom Garcia is showing us how a decorate a festive holiday home.

Decorating your home for the holidays is a wonderful tradition and there is no one better with home décor ideas than Nancy McKee with Total Bliss Home Décor in Greensboro.

Nancy tells us that creating wonderful table setting does not have to be expensive.

While every year brings new trends, this year’s trend is a true surprise. The color pink has been introduced into the Christmas theme.

While we may decorate to the theme of Christmas, Nancy takes it a step further and creates a theme within a theme.

While we may enjoy decorating big Christmas trees, sometimes we may just want to downsize.

Tree lighting has continued to get better and better with the use of LED lights. This year, a new style of lighting has entered the market and it is shown on this beautiful tree.

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