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To Be More Successful With People, Teach Your Kids Body Language

School's out, but learning should't stop. Teach your kids body language. Reading body language will help your kids understand people and themselves better.

With summer, many of you parents want to keep your children's minds active. You want them to continue learning as they're enjoying time off from school. Most of the time, you're thinking about reading books or reviewing math facts, which is important.  But, we're thinking something different. We're thinking a life skill like body language.

Body language is important for kids because it makes them people savvy. You can't go through life without interacting with people - home, school, work. They'll understand people better and understand themselves better when they recognize the subtleties of communication.

You can start teach body language by using a mirror. For young kids, turn body language learning into a game. Makes faces of different emotions - happy, sad, mad, confused. Study what's happening with the eyes, mouth, head orientation. Ask how they're feeling. Then identify these emotions in other people. When you watch TV shows do the same with the characters. And when you're talking with your child and notice hand gestures, turned back, facial expressions, you can say something like, "I'm seeing that your eye brows are furrowed and your eyes are squinting and you're stomping your foot, your body is telling me that you're angry right now, am I right?" 

It's never too early to start teaching children body language. Think about this -babies use body language to communicate their needs since they can't talk. They have different pitches of cries to get their needs met. As parents, you can tell the difference between a hungry cry, a hurt cry, a mad cry and a sleepy cry. Babies also start to read your facial expressions, They know when you're happy or mad. 

If you have any questions, you can reach out to me on my Facebook page: Blanca Cobb-Body Language Expert. Write a message on my timeline and I'll get back to you.