GREENSBORO, NC -- it's likely you'll see some sweet treats around this Easter weekend. But for people with food allergies, some treats could be dangerous! So a Triad couple recognized the need and started a business to help out!

Mike Cusato, with Kalo Foods, joined Lauren Melvin on the Good Morning Show to talk about some of the options. Kalo Foods is a gluten-free facility based in Stokesdale. The company started because the founder's wife suffers from celiac disease and gluten intolerance which is a debilitating condition that can not only incapacitate you, but could do permanent damage to intestines and stomach. It was during the long quest to find satisfying gluten free products that Cusato and his wife realized many of the the things they found were limited and tasteless. So they created a company to change that. A major part of the company's goal is to produce flavorful products that would also appeal to people who do not suffer from gluten intolerance but would like to support loved ones who do by consuming the same products. 

All of their ingredients are certified gluten free or ELISA tested internally to insure that our finished products are gluten free.  The production facility is completely gluten free to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination and products are packaged to avoid contamination once they leave the facility.

This morning, Cusato shared some gluten-free Easter and Passover suggestions -- including ideas that are delicious and let kids get involved in the process! They showed off some cupcakes that kids can help decorate with edible grass and jelly beans or other goodies. 

If you want to check out Kalo Foods, they're in select stores across the Triad, and nation. For a full list, click here

Or you can order directly from their website by clicking here

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