JAMESTOWN, NC -- When disaster strikes we see the best in people. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma tore through the south leaving thousands without a home, food, water or basic necessities. Now, people across the country are stepping up to lend a helping hand, even some in the Triad.

Furnitureland South employees knew they wanted to do something to help our neighbors to the south, so they reached out to the Red Cross. Another company, one hour away, Renfro Corporation in Mount Airy, did the same. Renfro had 60,000 pairs of socks but no way to get them to Florida. Furnitureland South had a tractor trailer... and added more than 38,000 bottles of water to the load.

On Monday they'll take the truck to Orlando to drop off the tens of thousands of supplies. Executive Director of Merchandising, Becky Greene, says it's something everyone at the company is excited for.

"Our job is to make homes beautiful but at the end of the day when something like this happens, the most important thing are the people who live in those homes," Greene said.

The truck will leave around 3:30 AM and drive roughly 600 miles to a Red Cross shelter.

Director of Sales and Marketing at Furnitureland South, Blair Ingle, says this will be the first of many trips to help hurricane victims. Right now the company is talking to it's vendor partners and furniture manufacturers about delivering more supplies, even furniture, to people in Florida and Texas.

"We want to challenge all of the other Triad companies, talk to the Red Cross and see how you can help these people," Ingle said.