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Take the controversy out of Valentine's Day spending

You want to show your partner that they're special to you without breaking the bank? Blanca Cobb shares ideas to have a fantastic Valentine's Day without going broke

Many people feel the pressure of going all out for Valentine's Day regardless of the cost. All the spending makes some people not enjoy Valentine's Day very much. The controversy isn't just about the money involved, but also seems very commercialized. Others feel that you shouldn't just show your love on one day during the year. While others love Valentine's Days as it is. 

You can make Valentine's Day more about the experience than the cost. Let me explain. Instead of going out to dinner, you can make a romantic dinner at home. Find a new recipe and cook together. You can make it fun and playful as you're cooking. Flirt with each other. Some people say that Valentine's Day cards are expensive. Instead of buying, make your own card. Or, write what makes them special to you on individual note cards. Put all the cards in a box or jar. And your partner can pull out one card a day during the month. 

The point is that Valentine's Day should be more about shared experiences, not the money spent. How do you spend your time together? How do you feel about each other? How do you talk to each other? 

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