GREENSBORO, NC -- Suppose your neighbor is mowing and all of a sudden…BANG! A rock is kicked up into your car window. Who pays?!?!?

That's a question WFMY News 2 viewer Shelia Duty asked us to VERIFY: Who is responsible if your vehicle is damaged if people are mowing and their mower shoots a rock or some other item out? I have seen this several times, it's not just grass that is blowing in the road. People will not stop mowing when traffic is going by either.

2WTK checked with Alliance Insurance Services. While the damage would fall under your neighbor's homeowners liability insurance, most insurance agents would tell their client NOT to file such a small claim and simply pay you out of pocket.

If your neighbor refuses to pay, your auto insurance would cover it under "comprehensive coverage" but you still have to pay the deductible. What would probably happen is your company would then go after your neighbor’s insurance and fully reimburse you when all is said and done.

Now, if it's a landscaping company that is at fault, they have a liability policy that would cover the property damage.
In all cases, make sure you take photos and document the time and place.