For the next two years, your commute through Winston-Salem will be a lot more complicated. The 1.2-mile busy stretch of Business 40 between Peters Creek Parkway and U.S. 52 is closed until 2020.

It has been information overload, hearing all the details about the project over the past few months. Let's simplify some key details to know from the get go.



Q: Why is this project happening now?

A: This stretch of Business 40 opened 60 years ago in 1958 as part of the East-West Expressway. NCDOT decided in 2006 it was getting too old to handle the increasing traffic volume.

Q: Why not shut down lane by lane?

A: Voters decided on a two-year complete shutdown, rather than a six-year partial shutdown. That said, the entire stretch won't necessarily close the whole time. DOT plans to finish the section of Main Street to US 52 by Fall 2019. Once that is complete, it will reopen. Once the bridges are done, they, too, will reopen.

Q: What happens, if there is a wreck on a detour road during the closure?

A: NCDOT worked with local law enforcement to develop an incident management plan. It involves signage, police, fire departments and towing companies to expedite removing the wreck.


NCDOT and voters decided the highway repairs were necessary, and they needed to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. A collaborative plan is in place to ensure adequate detour signage and accident response.

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