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VERIFY: You can add 7Up to your tree, but plain ole water works best

Household hacks, like adding 7Up to your Christmas tree water, could help, but some additives could harm the moisture retention.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — If you don't mind the maintenance or mess, a real Christmas tree is a real treat (especially that smell, right?!). Unlike its artificial counterpart, however, a real tree will die if left neglected in its designated seasonal spot.

Surely, there's a way to increase its indoor life span. After all, this fine fir isn't cheap.

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A Good Morning Show viewer commented on the 'After GMS' live Facebook feed during a discussion about real versus fake Christmas trees. She noted she uses a bit of 7Up in her tree water, because it makes the tree last longer.

Is it true this household hack can help lengthen the tree's lifespan?



The National Christmas Tree Association has a partial answer to this in its frequently-asked questions page. It concludes research shows plain tap water is best for Christmas trees. Some commercial additives, like bleach, Aspirin or fertilizer, can harm a tree's moisture retention and increase needle loss.

What about 7UP?

Live Science consulted an arborist with the Tree Care Industry, who said some consumers have had success mixing a tablespoon of sugar or corn syrup in tree water. 7Up contains sugar and corn syrup. 


Live Science concludes you can try it, and if you think it works, great. But, regular ole water should suffice. 

Aside from proper hydration, there is another trick to maintaining a tree's health. Make a fresh cut, before you put it in a water stand. This can reopen the pores that take up the water. 

How much water is enough? The rule of thumb, per NCTA, is one quart per day per inch of stem diameter.

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