Is a stranger trying to hack into your e-mail, or is your e-mail acting up?

Good Morning Show viewer Sharon Carter has been receiving a strange alert, so she asked us to VERIFY.

"Meghann...when I turn on my telephone or tablet, I am always getting a message that someone just accessed my Gmail account. Is something going on behind the scenes that I am unaware of, or is someone actually accessing my account?"


To VERIFY, we reached out to TechScout IT engineer Kent Meeker.


"Hi, Sharon, thanks for your question. Yeah, I know it can be a little concerning thinking someone's trying to access your e-mail. I have a feeling for you though it might be a configuration issue because it's saying someone just logged in, so that means it actually made it into your e-mail. And, it is just happening whenever you're powering your devices up. So, there's a good chance it's something in the configuration. It thinks it's a brand new device."

But, he acknowledged, it could be something more concerning. "There is a possibility someone's accessing your e-mail, and if that's the case it's going to be really hard to discover who that is. Your best bet always is to immediately change your password."

The third possibility is your apps could be trying to access your e-mail. If that's the case, go to your settings for those apps and make sure you do not allow them to do that.

The solutions? Change your password, as Meeker suggested, and check your Google Dashboard. It details all Gmail activity, like sites you've visited and devices that have accessed those sites.


In conclusion, we verified there could be one of four things happening to Sharon's account that is causing her to get that notification. If none of the suggested solutions helps determine the cause, Meeker suggests taking the devices to a technology expert to get them looked at.