Driving around town, you've seen a lot of construction lately. The four-part Greensboro Urban Loop project is coming along quickly, since work started in 2013. The loop will allow traffic to go around the city of Greensboro to decrease congestion on the existing I-40.

Wednesday night, Dec. 6, the eastern section of the loop opened a year ahead of schedule. It's the green section in the northeast corner of the picture in this article. It runs from US-70 to US-29 north to Danville, VA.

The other day, a Good Morning Show viewer noticed this portion of the loop was about to open up, and that prompted a question -- what's its name?

Jodie Summers wrote in, "Every day, I travel that road from I-40 to US-70, where it currently ends. As I travel it, in juts that short distance, I see signs calling it I-785 and signs that say "Future I-840." Since it has opened over 10 years ago, it had the "Future I-840" and, to me, that makes sense as the proper name for it. (I lived outside of Atlanta for 15 years and I-840 (combining 85 and 40) makes the most sense). Could you VERIFY what the bypass will be called once it is opened...?"


To VERIFY, we consulted NCDOT Division Seven traffic engineer Dawn McPherson.


McPherson explained, "Right now, it (the eastern section) will be called I-785/I-840. The 840 is the loop designation part that will only go on top of the loop. That only designates that it's the loop. The I-785 (name) -- it goes along the same location as I-840, but then it'll take off at 29 and go up 29 to Danville."

So what all of this mean for commuters? Their drives will be easier and faster, because they no longer will have to go through stop lights in the city of Greensboro to get north.


In conclusion, we were able to VERIFY the answer to Jodie's question is that the eastern section of the loop she's driving will be labeled I-785/I-840. But, the easiest name to call it -- just the Greensboro Urban Loop.

What's next?

The western loop (the blue line shown in the picture in this article) is scheduled to open Feb. 1, weather permitting. As for the name of that section? Stay tuned.


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