GREENSBORO, N.C. — Fourth of July brings fireworks, family time and food aromas all across the Triad. So, as you're preparing a fantastic cookout, ask yourself, "How much and what kind of salt am I using?"


Good Morning Show viewer Cheryl C. from Greensboro submitted a VERIFY inquiry via e-mail:

"I'm looking into healthier ways of eating. Can you help me with trying to figure out which salt is healthier? Himalayan, kosher, sea salt or just regular salt?"-



Salt is Na, sodium, and salt is Cl, chlorine. Together, NaCl is sodium chloride. In moderation, salt is essential to almost any diet.

Our sources agree there is little evidence eating less salt can improve health. Salt helps brains and nerves send electrical impulses. If a body doesn't get enough salt, it can experience decreased hydration, muscle cramps, headaches, weaknesses, irritability and cognitive decline in older age.

Table salt is the most common. It is mostly sodium chloride and heavily processed. And, it is highly refined with most impurities and trace minerals removed.

Sea salt is much more natural, containing only a small amount of iodine. Dr. Lin explains it contains more beneficial minerals than table salt, and to most people, it tastes better. Celtic sea salt is one of the most unrefined and unprocessed, sourced from clean coastal waters of Brittany, France.

Himalayan Rock Salt is the pink salt found at high-end grocery stores. Healthline explains it comes from the Khewra salt mine in Pakistan, the second-largest in the world. It is rich in minerals, containing all 84 essential trace elements your body needs. The pink color comes from iron oxide, which is rust. Dr. Lin explained Himalayan Rock Salt can reduce muscle cramps, promote blood sugar health and health pH.

Kosher salt is popular in Jewish cuisine, because it helps extract blood from meat, thus making it kosher. Kosher salt has large flakes and does not usually contain anti-caking agents or added iodine. 


Which salt is the best? Our sources agree natural salt is better than the processed table salt. In answering viewer Cheryl's question, Himalayan or sea salt likely would be the healthiest bets. Before making major dietary changes, consult a doctor.

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