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How to ace your virtual interview: Bag the job with the right body language

Blanca Cobb shares body language tips so you can impress a future employer through your computer screen.

Our country is moving towards re-opening the economy. This means that many companies will be re-opening their doors as well. Many people are anxious to find jobs. But, to keep safety top of mind as our economy re-opens, many job interviews are switching from face-to-face to virtual interviews. 

Body language is important in virtual interviews just like in face-to-face interviews. Part of your understanding of people is through their nonverbal communication as well as their words. Set the stage of the interview by maintaining an appropriate distance from the camera. Many times you can get too close to the camera or too far back. Aim for showing the upper part of your body and keep your hands visible. 

A big mistake is either looking down at someone or looking up at them. When you look down, it isn't flattering because of shadows on neck and a double chin. Additionally, you're literally looking down at your potential employer. Or, if you hold the camera higher than eye level then you're looking up at them, which isn't collegial. 

You might think that the interviewer might not see your nervous habits, but you'd be wrong. If you shake your leg then your shoulders could shake slightly. Twisted lips, tension in your facial muscles or squinty eyes suggest that you're not feeling sure of yourself and/or your answer.  

It doesn't matter if you sit or stand as long as your comfortable. Your comfort is more important then if you're sitting or standing. 

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