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Warning signs that your relationship is in trouble

Watch your partner's body language for warning signs that your relationship is on the rocks.

There are several ways to use body language to repair your relationship. A common mistake that you make when you notice changes in your partner's body language or behavior is to assume that you know the reason why. You might get a sense of what's wrong, but you should ask to confirm or understand the situation better. If you make automatic assumptions that you run the risk of making things worse because your partner might feel accused instead of understood. Another mistake to mimic their negative body language, which will make you two appear to be opposing partners. 

When you notice body language differences, you want to be emotionally nonreactive. This means not to respond negatively. Instead you'll have to be a detective to figure out what might have caused the changes. What you were two talking about? What questions did you ask? Was your partner distracted by something? Answers to these types questions will yield more accurate information than making assumptions. 

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When talking with your partner, monitor your own body language. You want your body language to convey warmth and be welcoming. This means to monitor your facial expressions, make sure that your muscles are relaxed. Look them in the eyes when you talk to them. Just make sure that your eyelids are relaxed and not tighten. 

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