Speaking up isn't always easy to do, except if you're Rodney Small, a 4 year old little boy, who called out a female passenger who put her feet on the back of his armrest on a recent flight. This morning, we want to talk about personal space and ways to handle those who intrude on your space. 

Tactfully and politely speak up to reclaim your space. You have to be careful with your word choices because you want to get someone's cooperation. Research from Harvard University in 1978 showed that giving a person a reason by using the word "because" increases compliance by 50%. Let me give you a couple of examples. Example 1: "Would you mind giving me some space?" This is a statement without a giving a reason. Example 2: "Would you mind giving me some space because I feel claustrophobic?" This statement gives a reason. 

If someone is uncomfortable speaking up then watch for body language that you might be crowding someone. A couple of body language cues that you're too close to someone is whether they turn sideways, suck in their stomach. Watch facial expressions of distress. Or, disinterest in talking to you. All can indicate that they're not comfortable. Not everyone has the same definition of what's too close so watching behavioral cues can be a tip off. 

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