Our first "talker" this morning comes from Mashable.com.

So a lot of pet owners know how hard it is to get your dog to leave the park...THEY LOVE RUNNING AROUND. Well take a look at this a golden retriever thought it'd be cool to play dead while its owner tried to leave at a park in Australia.

And hey, it worked, with plenty of people watching the battle between dog and man, who tried his best to tug the pup's leash.

Eventually it gets up and leaves the park but not without a protest.

And this one comes from Eric Chilton's Instagram page. Eric and his family were in Myrtle Beach last week and were visiting Margaritaville and there are so many things to see around you but he noticed that something else had grabbed his kids' attention.

The screens win the battle! It was a video game screen on their table that they were facinated with!

What is a parent to do? LOL