You know that traffic can be a headache. Especially when you are trying to get to an important your college graduation.

Well one college student in NYC was destined to miss his graduation because the subwaytrain he was on was stuck.

As CBS New York reports, the stalled train did not derail any of the pomp and circumstance though.

Cellphone video that has now gone viral shows the student, Jerich Alcantara, celebrating his graduation right on the subway car!

They even played the ultimate graduation song and created a makeshift diploma.

The love for that delicious spread Nutella is reaching new heights...

Welcome to The Nutella Café, which opened its doors recently on Chicago's bustling Michigan Avenue. The restaurant is the first Nutella Café to be owned and operated by parent company Ferrero.

Visitors enter through a door in the shape of a Nutella jar to discover a sitting area and large panels resembling waves of chocolate and bright yellow lighting fixtures in the shape of hazelnut flowers that glow.