Ever since the White House doctor said President Trump was in great mental shape, mental health and test have been a hot topic. But what are these tests and what's in them anyway? Psychotherapist Dr. Nanette Funderburk is here to explain.

A mental health exam is an assessment that tells a health care provider a picture of how well you are able to think, reason, and/or remember.

Mental health assessments can include a wide variety of assessments ranging from lab work that may be done through a primary care provider questions of behavioral functioning that may be done through a psychological provider. All of this is done to review how an individual is functioning psychologically currently and if there are any adjustments that need to be made.

And Dr. Funderburk suggests that everyone should have a mental assessment at some point during our lives in order to develop baseline measurements that will help to determine if there is significant and inappropriate change in an individual’s way of thinking and being. Also, if there are changes noted in functioning that indicate coping behaviors akin to disordered thinking, testing and eventual treatment may be necessary. Sometimes the impacted individual will not notice these changes and those close to the individual will be needed to support this person through this process.