This morning we're talking about our summer loving series. Specifically, hand holding and what different types of hand holds mean. There's more to a hand hold then the way you hold someone's hand. I'm talking about how much skin contact there is, amount of tension in the hands, physical proximity to your partner. There are subtle factors that give you more information than just the type of hold. 

When fingers are interlaced, it's more of a romantic hand hold that says that you're really into each other. Palms are touching and fingers are wrapped around your partner's hand. There's no space in between your hands. 

When one person's fingers are wrapped around their partner's hand, this says there's a bit of tension or disconnect between the couple. In that moment, one person can be angry or annoyed at their partner. They might be holding your hand because they feel obligated to do so. 

When you're holding onto each other's fingers, signals that you're still connected, but don't feel like you have to smother each other. You both like some separation and independence. 

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