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Greedy vs. Compassionate Entrepreneurship: Lessons for kids

Entrepreneurship is finding solutions to problems that help people live healthier and better lives. It's not about greed and self-interest. What kids should know?

Products and services that entrepreneurship generates help make people's lives better and healthier. But, not everyone has good motivation. 

Recently, a teen in the United Kingdom sold squirts of hand sanitizer to classmates for roughly sixty cents per squirt. He was suspended from school for one day as a result. His mother's Facebook post was filled with more praise for her son's entrepreneurial spirit than criticism. 

As much as you want to support children's entrepreneurship, children should learn that compassionate entrepreneurship is more beneficial than greed and self-interest. The New York Times reported that a Tennessee man bought over 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, which he was selling for $8 - $70 per bottle. The man's motivation was greed and playing off of the fears of people during our global health crisis. Amazon shut him down. Now, he has these bottles of sanitizer store at his home with no way to sell them. 

This story is a great teaching moment for children about what entrepreneurship is and isn't. Continue to solve problems even in the pandemic, but do it for the greater good. For example, many people aren't traveling to conventions, conferences and trade shows, but business has to continue. A solution is virtual conference or trade show and there are a few companies who are helping in this endeavor. 

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