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Greensboro business boost as hundreds flock downtown for July 4th celebration

Restaurants were packed, the Grasshoppers' stadium sold out and businesses benefited on the July 4th holiday.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Huge crowds came to downtown Greensboro to celebrate the Fourth of July Monday.

The Greensboro Grasshoppers sold out as people came to watch fireworks after the game. The holiday crowd also sparked the cash registers of local businesses.

Hundreds seeking Independence Day fun found it in the streets along with music and plenty of treats. The walk along Fun Fourth's Freedom Fest was filled with vendors along streets like Elm.

Some were looking for ways to cool off from the heat which often brought them into shops and restaurants.

The lunch rush blended into the dinner rush with a constant stream of customers at Natty Greene's.

Meanwhile, Antonina Griffin's Selfie Spot greeted new customers.

"A lot of people really didn't know about the Selfie Spot, so they have come in and asked questions," Griffin said. "They are able to take pictures. The families have been enjoying it and kids coming in taking TikToks."

The selfie studio is usually closed on Mondays but she made an exception for Fun Fourth, knowing it would bring more cash for shops like hers.

"Even being able to see other vendors and support them in downtown Greensboro has been phenomenal. We are just looking forward to the results of us being open today," Griffin said.

After the festival ended in the evening, some people filed into the Grasshoppers game.

It's the first Independence Day homer since 2019. General Manager Donald Moore said it's the kind of game every team hopes for.

"This is by far the biggest night of the year," Moore said. "particularly here it is on Monday. We will far exceed what we do on a normal Friday and Saturday and we typically do very well."

Another home run for downtown, this is the first Fun Fourth with the social district in place. People can take alcoholic to go drinks with them through parts of downtown to certain businesses.

Griffin said she wants the Selfie Spot to join in the future after seeing success from other businesses.

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