GREENSBORO, N.C. — A suspect is still on the loose after hitting a man on a motorcycle, and leaving the scene.

On Tuesday, after her husband was involved in a hit-and-run accident on East Market Street in Greensboro, Daniqua Gaddy posted to Facebook. She showed a photo of his totaled motorcycle, and an example of the car she believes hit him and drove off. 

Since putting it on social media, the post has been shared nearly 5,000, as people across the Triad hope to catch the suspect, in an accident Gaddy believes could have been much, much worse. 

Her husband, Javon, was riding in the left lane, a car length or two behind the driver in the right lane. But then, that driver took a left to make a U-turn, failing to yield to his motorcycle. 

"He hit her driver side door, and fell off the bike, and then he slid underneath her car. And instead of her stopping, she kept on rolling and rolled over his legs," Gaddy explained. 

His helmet saved him from a head injury, but the bike was totaled and his body left bruised and beaten in many places. 

"I would like to think that people have compassion for other people. I mean if he could've been hurt a lot worse than he was. She didn't even call to see if he could get an ambulance or anything. She didn't call the police for him or anything she just sped off," she said. 

Gaddy is thankful things were not worse, after seeing how drivers disregard motorcycles and bikes. 

"I’ve actually followed [my husband] in my car before, when he was riding on his motorcycle," she said, "I have seen people speed up and ride right behind him, right on his bumper. I’ve seen people cut in front of him before. It’s like, they have a part of the roadway as well and you have to look out for these bike riders just as much is you have to look out for the other cars."

Gaddy's shared post shows her family is looking for an older Chrysler 300, navy in color. She believes that is the car that hit her husband. 

She wants whoever did it, to own up. 

"Just turn yourself in. Take responsibility for what you did," she said.