GREENSBORO, N.C. (WFMY)-- Greensboro firefighters are asking for a pay raise for those who don't already make $15 an hour.

Right now, the starting salary for Greensboro firefighters is $13 an hour.

According to the Professional Firefighters of Greensboro, each firefighter works 56 hours a week, but

they're only getting paid 13 hours of overtime per month.

Nick Loflin, Executive Board Member of the Professional Firefighters of Greensboro says, "Those hours should be valued at the exact same amount as every other hour that every other employee works in the city of Greensboro, cause it costs just as much to my family to be away as it does for anybody."

We reached out to city council about a possible raise. Councilwoman Sharon Hightower says the city will not be able to gives raises to all firefighters to make sure they're getting paid $15 an hour.

She also says that firefighters and police received a 7.5 percent raise last year. City council's plan for this year is to get other city employees a raise.

Hightower says city council wants all regular city employees to get paid $15 an hour.