GREENSBORO, N.C. — The triad will likely not see any severe effects from Dorian. But that isn't stopping people in our area from pitching in to help provide relief for those affected. And it never has. 

Greensboro has a history of being a meeting point for responses to natural disasters. The city's location right in the center of the state with plenty of major highways passing through makes it an attractive target for emergency response. 

And the people here give back as well. Greensboro fire's swift water rescue teams are headed to Kinston with equipment to handle rescue efforts. Canter systems donated a truck full of more than 50 portable generators for places expected to see power outages. And Yadkin County-based group Samaritan's purse plans to send supplies to both the Carolina coast and the Bahamas.

"The first few flights will contain shelter material and water filtration equipment because shelter material and water are the first few things people will need right after a disaster," says Director of Logistics, Eric Kohout. The plane flew out earlier this morning.

High Point's fire department has also sent several crews to the coast to help with the response. 

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