GREENSBORO, N.C. — Here at WFMY News 2 we did several stories about Roy Stover, 61, of Greensboro who has been missing since April 2018. Stover had been living with his sister, Vanessa Stimpson and her husband Robert Stimpson since 1992. 

According to the Stimpsons, Roy was last seen getting in a cab leaving the hotel their family had to relocate to after last April's tornado destroyed their home.

Stover suffers from dementia, and according to his sister Vanessa, he wasn't a fan of change. The destruction the tornado brought to the city may have been the stressor that triggered Roy to go missing. 

Thankfully, Roy has been located in Los Angeles, California. The WFMY News 2 team was contacted by a social worker out of Los Angeles who is trying to help Roy get back home to his family. 


WFMY News 2 tracked down Vanessa Stimpson at her Greensboro home, and told her the news - that her brother Roy was alive, and safe! She got in touch with the social worker - and Friday afternoon, spoke with him over the phone for the first time in more than a year. 

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