RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - A man who murdered two of his wives in two states could be released from a North Carolina prison, potentially cutting short his life sentence after more than 22 years.

We spoke with the prosecutor on the case.

"I had some notion he was guilty because it sounded really suspicious, and of course when the second incident occurred -- it confirmed that suspicion," said Randy Carroll, who prosecuted Boczkowski for his Greensboro murder.

North Carolina's parole commission said Wednesday it was considering parole for 63-year-old Tim Boczkowski. He also faces a life sentence in Pennsylvania.

Prison officials said a hearing could come next month, but Carroll doesn't agree.

"In my opinion it should be a *life* sentence. He should serve life. He doesn't deserve to be released under all the circumstances, particularly with killing two mothers of his children -- he should die in prison," said Carroll.

The commission weighs releasing inmates whose crimes were committed before parole was eliminated in 1994.

He was convicted of first-degree murder in 1996 for killing his first wife, Elaine. She was found in a bath tub at their Greensboro home in 1990.

He was tried in North Carolina only after being charged for the 1994 death in a hot tub of his second wife, Maryann, in suburban Pittsburgh.