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Greensboro masks up as citywide mask requirement goes into effect

Masks are required in the city now, but not everyone plans to wear one.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Faces were covered in downtown and at shopping centers across Greensboro as the city's mask requirement went into effect Tuesday evening.

"I was there today and I had my mask and I saw everybody had their masks and I thought this is awesome," said Jamestown resident Yasemine Yeboah, who came to do some shopping on Wendover Avenue.

Most seemed to comply with the order in the first few hours, but some said they plan to go without wearing a mask.

"I can't breathe with one. I get dizzy and nearly pass out," said Elisabeth Gomes.

"It's crazy, you shouldn't have to wear one," said Crystal Price.

The mayor said one goal of the order is to prevent the asymptomatic spread of the virus by covering coughing and sneezing.

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The city's order requires masks in places like grocery stores and pharmacies but does not specifically mention restaurants.

Dennis Studer at The Brooklyn Pizzeria is putting the new requirement into practice anyway. He told customers on social media but he said some disagreed with the decision.

"There's three ways to order food from us. Only one of those ways we're basically asking you to wear a mask and I think that's a really fair accommodation," said Studer.

Dine-in isn't offered at Studer's restaurant and masks are only required for people who come in to pick up their food.

He said whether people choose to wear a mask or not, he hopes they do it for the right reason.

"I hope that everyone does what they feel would be best for the community," said Studer.

Greensboro police said the mask declaration doesn't actually have any language about a penalty, and the goal is to encourage voluntary compliance. However, there is a law about enforcement of executive orders that is a class two misdemeanor. A GPD spokesperson said officers want to educate people about the mask order, and hopefully, citizens will decide to wear them on their own. 

There is no timeline for how long this mask order will be in effect.

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