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Triad pastor giving couples another way to tie the knot

With wait times at the courthouse almost two months out, Pastor Torri Moore offers an intimate and personal alternative to the traditional courthouse elopement.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A courthouse marriage has always been an alternative to the pomp and circumstance of a traditional wedding ceremony, although, after calling the Guilford County Courthouse on May 25...

You might be asking what's the next date available? 

Try...July 12th.

So naturally, it can be hard to find that perfect elopement time. That’s where Pastor Torri Moore comes in.

"I had someone in my family once say, ‘Who wants to go to court for anything?" Moore joked.

Moore is an ordained minister and owner of “Tie the Knot with Torri”, who has the heart to give couples of all walks of life a chance to look back fondly on their ceremony.

"I started in 2019 and what made me want to start is that I wanted to change the narrative of the courthouse wedding. I noticed that every time someone mentioned that they were married at the courthouse, there was a negative connotation, like 'We just got married at the courthouse', there was no excitement no thrill and I thought, 'Oh I’m a pastor!’ I can change that narrative." Moore shared.

With magistrates in Guilford County only doing Wednesdays and Thursdays for ceremonies at specific times, Moore knows that life isn’t always that cut and dry.

“I love the gentleman who gets off of work at 7 p.m. because he works the second shift and there is an alternative because his wife says, 'We have to get married today!'," Moore laughed.

Moore understands that, with the countless couples she’s married over the years, no matter what the ceremony is, it's always a special day.

"You’re not just a number. Whenever you walk in here, my heart is involved. I care. It’s more relational versus transactional," Moore continued. 

While there aren’t many other places like Tie the Knot With Torri, she hopes this can set a trend as an alternative to the courthouse.

"I want it to give people who may not be able to afford the pomp and circumstance wedding, still have an amazing experience, right?  A memory to look back and say, 'That was great, I’m glad we did it that way'," Moored added. 

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