GREENSBORO, N.C. — Polling places open in less than 12 hours and when you show up, you'll use a paper ballot.

It's not just new for you in Guilford County--it's new for poll workers setting up Monday before the 2020 Primary Election.

"Everyone’s learning, even the director of elections has said he’s learning as well but this is a paper ballot. This satisfies all observations, criticisms and needs that people wanted," said Chief Precinct Judge for the G30 Precinct in Greensboro Ivan Cutler.

Cutler said set up was actually easier than with the electronic voting machines which have been used for more than a decade in the county.

You'll fill the paper ballot in by hand and then scan it through a machine to be counted.

"Be careful when you vote fill in the bubble. Do not place your pin anywhere else other than where you wanna vote," said Cutler.

Cutler said calculating results will likely be faster than in years past. Each precinct's vote scanner will be opened by the Chief Precinct Judge after polls close.

They will then take a flash drive with the results to the Board of Elections. A backup results print out is also taken by a second person to the board.

"There's back up systems and redundancies to preserve the integrity of the election. That's what they do here and that's what they do all over," said Cutler.

North Carolina is now requiring paper ballots to make elections more secure. If the results of any race are called into question, the ballots will be recounted by hand.

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