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NYC can have the ball drop, Greensboro will do keg drop instead

SouthEnd Brewing Co. will host the event outside in a partially covered area in case it rains.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — With the new year right around the corner, many folks are looking for a way to mark the end of 2021. New York City has the ball drop, Raleigh has the acorn drop, and now Greensboro is getting a drop of their own right in the heart of downtown.

Hanging above SouthEnd Brewing Co. is a keg, ready to be dropped at midnight. It's outside to help with COVID issues. And the area is partially covered in case it rains.

“Myself and another owner were kicking around an idea what might be fun to do for New Year's Eve, and we thought a ball drop or a keg drop since we’re a brewery," said South End's Seth Kevorkian. "Greensboro is certainly a large enough town that we can have some kind of identity. The Triad in general, Greensboro in particular does have quite a few breweries. We might not be Asheville level as a destination, but I think we’re getting there. It’s part of the culture.”

Greensboro even produced some award-winning spirits this year with even more breweries in talks to open next year.

“I’ve got a remote to raise and lower it," Kevorkian said about the keg.

The staff added lights to make the keg really pop. And once it starts dropping...

“We’ve also got a clock that’s going to be hanging right below the center of the pergola there, so that will give people a count down as well," Kevorkian said. "We can pause and reflect on this year, and look forward to the new year as a fresh start.”

You've got 25 seconds before we all cheer what’s on tap for 2022.