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Grimsley High School parent responds after three adults charged in fight involving students

Greensboro police said a mom, grandmother, and aunt were on Grimsley's campus and were involved in a fight with two students.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Police said three women, including a mother and a grandmother, came to Grimsley High School and joined a fight between two students.

Now, those women are facing charges. It comes after several girls at Eastern Guilford High School got into a fight. The difference this time around is that these adults got involved.

Guilford County Schools said this behavior does not belong in schools.

Tennie Olson, a Grimsley High School dad said the school sent an email to parents addressing the fight. He said unfortunately, he wasn't surprised by it.

"That's sad," Olson said. "Kids get in fights and all that stuff but parents trying to beat up the other kid because they're fighting. They should've just broken it up and not gotten into the fight."

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A student's mother, grandmother and aunt face charges after Greensboro police said they trespassed on school property and encouraged a fight. Officers said the mother assaulted a teacher who tried to break it up. 

Psychotherapist, Dr. Nannette Funderburk, said one way to stop physical fights between kids before they happen is to have open communication and listen often.

"I'm not speaking for this specific situation, but when we see things kind of erupt just out of that specific second. There is something else that went on," Funderburk said.

She said parents can help resolve conflicts in a healthy and peaceful way.

"Most parents' goal is to help their children, protect their children, advocate for their children," Funderburk said. "You want to make sure the way that comes across is that it actually does help and advocate and protect and not take you out of the situation or make things worse."

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Police said the teacher who was assaulted is okay. In addition to the adults charged, Guilford County Schools said disciplinary policies are being followed with the students involved.

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