GREENSBORO, N.C. — Guilford County Schools has voted in favor of closing Hampton Elementary. That’s after a recommendation made by Superintendent Dr. Sharon L. Contreras.

School leaders voted 6-3 in favor of closing the school at Tuesday's Board of Education budget meeting. 

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A tornado on April 15, 2018, damaged three schools, including Hampton. After the tornado, Hampton lost many students after parents enrolled them at other schools. Contreras said too few students remained enrolled.

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Just a little over 100 Hampton students are currently at Reedy Fork Elementary, and Contreras said considering many 5th graders will also go to middle schools, the district expects even less next year.

Since Hampton Elementary is a magnet school, Contreras said students are allowed to go to any school in their zone.

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"Hampton students can go to a magnet school, they can go to Faulkner, Simkins, and several of them, quite a few of them have other neighborhood schools they can go to," she explained.

She added Reedy Fork also an option and that more than 10 families have already stated they will remain at Reedy Fork.