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Guilford County detention officer's wife speaks on husband's current condition as he fights for his life in ICU after inmate attack

"A neurologist has told us he could wake up in two weeks, two months but he won't guarantee that he will wake up at all," Candy Kaminsky said.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — We're learning more about a detention officer who's fighting for his life in ICU.

The Guilford County Sheriff's Office said an inmate attacked the officer last week and he's still unconscious.

WFMY News 2 spoke to Guilford County Detention Officer Sheldon Kaminsky's wife and found out more about the suspect accused of attacking him.

Kaminsky's wife told WFMY News 2 the hospital visits have been quite difficult. Right now, she and her family are praying for him to pull through. 

"A neurologist has told us he could wake up in two weeks, two months but he won't guarantee that he will wake up at all," Candy Kaminsky said.

She said the past few days have been extremely tough for their family. "None of us have adjusted to this new reality. It's going to take time,"  Candy Kaminsky said.

She said her husband had an MRI a couple of nights ago and it picked up some things that the previous CT scan did not. "Bruising and bleeding and shearing, tearing of the brain. He's still heavily sedated on a respirator," Candy Kaminsky said. 

She also said he has severe facial fractures and will need surgeries for those soon. "Both eyes are very heavily bruised. His color you know is that funny color from a beating. It's not pretty. It's hard to look," she said. 

While she has been able to visit her husband during his time in the ICU, it's been difficult for other family members to do the same. "My 18-year-old is just distraught. She's only been able to see him once because of the COVID regulations and that's been tough on her.

The inmate involved, Elijah Evans, was charged with felony assault on an on-duty detention officer, inflicting serious injury and felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to inflict serious injury. 

WFMY News 2 dug into Evans' criminal history. Court documents from the Guilford County Courthouse date back to May of this year on a number of charges including assault on a government official. 

The documents reveal in May, Evans damaged a man's TV and PlayStation that was worth $400. 

When an officer tried to arrest him, he shoved and resisted arrest, according to documents. He was then charged with misdemeanor injury to personal property, and misdemeanor resisting a public officer. 

In June, Evans was charged with stealing several items including a wallet with $285, and also assaulting the robbery victim, according to police. He was charged with felony common law robbery among other charges.

Officer Kaminsky's wife tells News 2 she was in court yesterday for Evans' first hearing and was disappointed by the decision. "It was pretty distressing because the two charges combined if you add up if he gets the maximum sentence on both the maximum sentences would only be 132 months which is 11 years for basically destroying somebody's life," she said. 

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