GREENSBORO, N.C. -- — The path to the workforce is pretty clear cut. You go to high school so you can get into college. You go to college so you can get a job.

However, there could be a shortcut. Guilford County Schools has new classes so students can start their career right out of high school.

It's the Signature Career Academy.

Guilford County Schools wants students to do both. Get hands on training and go to college.

The training will be for jobs of the future.

"Majors such as cyber security and digital forensics. Such as geospatial technology, such as artificial intelligence, biomedical technology," said Dr. Kathleen A. Dawson, the Chief Innovation Officer for Guilford County Schools.

Guilford County Schools says many technology driven industries say they just don't have enough skilled, and qualified workers.

So they want to have at least one "career academy" in every High School. Students could get certifications or apprenticeships, and then take what they've learned to further their education.

"So we're creating a pathway from Pre-K all the way through College that will allow students access to awareness about what these different career areas are, exploration in the middle school, and then preparation in the high school," said Dr. Dawson.

The goal is to roll out four to six signature career academies by the Fall.

Again, their long term goal is for every high school to have one.