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'I Need Your Help' Superintendent Reach Out to Parents After 6 Reports of 'Guns' on Property in First Month of School

There have been six reports of toy, airsoft, or BB guns being found on WSFCS campuses or buses during the first month of school, according to a release.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools Superintendent is making a plea to parents about guns on campus. Dr. Angela Pringle was named superintendent in August and after less than two months on the job, she's had to deal with multiple reports of guns on school property. 

So far there have been six reports of toy, airsoft, or BB guns being found on WSFCS campuses or buses during the first month of school, according to a release from the school system. Dr. Angela P. Hairston says she wants help from parents by reminding students that nothing resembling a weapon is welcome at school.

In a phone message to parents Monday she said, “In today’s world, school safety is top of mind.  Keeping our students safe is one of my top priorities, but I need your help.  Already this year we have had many incidents where students are bringing toy, BB, or airsoft guns to school.  While these are not real weapons, in a world where we are hypersensitive to guns on school campuses, these toys cause great concern.

“We encourage people to tell us anytime they see something that concerns them and we take every report of a potential weapon on campus - seriously.  Therefore, we treat every potential weapon as though it is a real firearm until law enforcement can determine differently. Students who bring these toys to school are causing disruptions and undue fear to their classmates.  Causing a disruption and fear can land students in trouble.  No toy is worth that.  

“I am asking you to be vigilant in helping us to remind students that weapons or anything resembling a weapon has no place on our campuses.  We want safe, comfortable learning environments.  We need help in making sure students are not bringing these items to school. 

“As a district, we are always working on ways to help students learn to make good decisions, and we continue to work with our law enforcement partners to create more ways to keep students safe.  I hope you will team up with us and check in with your students, monitor what they are taking to school and help them understand anything resembling a weapon should stay at home.

“Thank you for your help; let’s now focus on student achievement.  Thank you for always letting us know anytime you see something that concerns you.” 

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