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Hamilton tickets in Greensboro: Make sure you're buying from an official site!

Hamilton tickets at the Tanger Center in Greensboro go on sale 10 am on December 2. Beware of unofficial ticket sites.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Hamilton is coming to the Steven Tanger Center in Greensboro in April.
Tickets for the general public go on sale on December 2, 2021, at 10 a.m.

So, why was 2 Wants To Know able to find tickets before then?

We Googled Hamilton and Greensboro, and up came 2,000 entries. The first one brought us to a site where you could buy Hamilton tickets on your choice of day and seat. The prices are what you would expect, anywhere from $180 all the way to $500+.

It's exciting to think you've got the jump on the hottest ticket in town, but before you purchase those tickets, look at all the fine print. For example, on this site, tickets-center.com, the words at the top of the page say Independent resale tickets, prices may be above face value. These are NOT official tickets from the Tanger Center.

When you're on the official Tanger Center website, there is a warning talking about third-party vendors. The most important thing for you to know is this:

TangerCenter.com and Ticketmaster.com are the only official sources for tickets to shows at the Steven Tanger Center. Tickets sold via unofficial sources may be invalid or not accepted at Tanger Center shows.

Here's the big takeaway: know who you’re buying from when it comes to Hamilton tickets or any tickets to a show or concert. If you buy them from another source, you're taking a chance you'll be out of the money you spent and have no ticket to the show.


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