GREENSBORO, N.C.-- For those looking to apply to college, preparation is key,

Jasmine Harrison from Greensboro knows this first hand.

She's the 17-year-old who got accepted into 113 colleges and earned more than $4 million dollars in scholarships.

WATCH | Greensboro Teen Accepted To 113 Colleges, Awarded $4.5M In Scholarships

Her achievement has been shared by news outlets across the country from USA Today to CBS News. It was also trending on Facebook.

For upcoming juniors and rising seniors thinking about college, now is the time to do research as summer vacation grows near.

Terri Fletcher teaches at the Academy at Smith and worked with Jasmine on her applications, her essays and just general questions.

In addition to keeping grades up, Fletcher urges students to reach out to teachers because it can be a confusing process.

"Many students unless they have a sibling or another family member of who's been through the process are not aware as they might think that they are," Fletcher explained.

Fletcher says there are lot of ways to keep down the cost of applying , like jasmine did.

The big one is college application week in October. It allows students to apply to a number of state schools for free.

For those who are interested in HBCUs, the Common Black College Application allows you to apply to up to 53 HBCUs at once.

Keep in mind, many schools require essays and letters of recommendation so don't procrastinate.

If a student is a part of a local organization, club, or attends a church, don't be afraid to ask for scholarship opportunities.

"A lot of times the money is just sitting there and they don't know which student needs it. So i'm like just ask them do you all have anything?" Fletcher said.

Remember, grades aren't everything .Colleges also look at strength of class load and extracurriculars.