It has been nine months since an EF-2 tornado tore through Greensboro. 

The tornado hit three Guilford County Schools hard: Peeler, Hampton, and Erwin Montessori schools.

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WFMY News 2 sat down with Guilford County Schools for an update because many questions still linger. Will those schools be repaired? Or completely rebuilt?

The school system said they are waiting on the insurance carrier to make those major decisions. 

"We were expecting [the insurance to go through] somewhere around the first quarter of the year, either January, February or March, so we’re on track with that," Scott McCully, the Chief Operations Officer of Guilford County Schools said. 

But there have been small victories over the course of nine months. McCully says the three schools have regained some power, so they no longer need to have a security team out there 24/7. 

"We’ve regained some partial power that powers our alarm systems so we no longer need the 24-hour surveillance we had before which dramatically cuts costs, so of course so that's helpful."

The surveillance ended in the fall, somewhere between late September and early October of 2018. 

"We didn't have any power to the facilities, so there was no alarm system no fire alarms, really it was just that: an empty building with absolutely no lights," McCully said. "Nothing that could prevent someone from entering the building and that’s why we had 24-hour security."

McCully didn't have immediate answers as to how much the security cost Guilford County Schools over the last six months.

The crazy weather in 2018, including hurricanes, a recent snowstorm, and record rainfall, has not further deteriorated any of the schools according to McCully. 

"We’ve secured those roofs that were damaged by the tornado, it's temporary roofing it's not intended to be a permanent fix, but remarkable that it's held up reasonably well."

McCully says he wishes there were more answers at this time, but right now it's a waiting game. 

"It's not particularly clear right now, we would like to start informing families for the 2019-2020 school year, before we know it that will be upon us and we want to make sure the families know where their students will be going for the new year."