GREENSBORO, N.C. -- — After a Thanksgiving feast fit for a king, when you make your way to the airport you really want to hear

"Flight 411 now boarding,* and you definitely don't want to hear "My apologies, flight 411 has been canceled due to inclement weather."

Across the nation, and here in the Triad, people are dealing with these travel woes.

A flight chart from just before noon on Monday at Piedmont Triad International Airport showed most flights coming in or leaving from the mid-west or northeast were delayed, or canceled altogether.

The mass delays prompted most carriers to waive any change fees associated with the storm, which is good news.

Let's also take a second to look ahead though, because as soon as folks do get home from their Thanksgiving trips, it will be time to plan your Christmas ones.

A relatively new day could help out, and it's called Travel Tuesday.

It goes right along with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, because now airlines are jumping on board and having a day of sales of their own.

Reportedly, the number of airline sales for Travel Tuesday are expected to double the amount of flight sales from Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.