WINSTON-SALEM, NC – Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem wants people to enjoy a great IPA. They also want people to consider helping to make a change in their communities.

The brewery’s new Craft Happiness IPA series aims to raise awareness about human, animal and environmental needs. Throughout 2017, several IPAs were and will be released, with proceeds from that month of sales going to charities and other non-profits.

"Shine some light on some causes," said President and Co-Owner, Jamie Bartholomaus. “They need money from somewhere to operate and do what they do."

In January, the first in the series, Domicile, was released. The IPA focused on homelessness and affordable housing, according to Ray Goodrich, Director of Marketing for Foothills Brewing.

The next in the series, Haven IPA, was released on February 17th, with proceeds going to animals rescues and shelters.

Every Wednesday, an event is held at the Tasting Room, 3800 Kimwell Drive, and a portion of the proceeds benefits a charity. Recently, the Forsyth Humane Society received a donation from Foothills and the sales of the Haven IPA.

“It is very good and I love that they are doing this monthly with different non-profits. It’s a great idea to just draw attention to different non-profits. We all want to be socially responsible and It’s kind of a fun way to do it," said Forsyth Humane Society Event Coordinator Beryl Parks.

Goodrich added they will spread the love by giving to multiple charities under the umbrella cause. But, he added, if people don’t like IPAs, they can always find another way to help.

“Even though we are giving a percentage of the proceeds to charities, it’s really about raising awareness in communities. Okay, so you don’t like IPAs or you live in Asheboro, well, animal shelters and rescues across the state need help. Donate some newspaper, bring them a bag of dog food. We want you inspire people to make change in their communities.”

Parks agreed, “Try to find a website of your local animal shelter, give them a call. Find out what their needs are, different ones have different needs, have different programs.”

The next IPA in the series will focus on environment and trail maintenance. The Craft Happiness IPAs will be on draft and bottles will be sold throughout North Carolina. The next beer in the series, named Terrain, will be released to the Foothills Tasting Room and Pub on March 17th, with a statewide release following on April 1st. Proceeds will benefit Piedmont Environmental Alliance and Piedmont Land Conservancy.

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