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How to bring more happiness in your relationship

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of stress to many couples. Blanca Cobb shares ideas on ways to add more happiness to your relationship.

The stress of the pandemic has added a great deal of stress to couples. When there's a lot of stress, there might not be a lot of happiness. This means that you could focus more on the problems you're facing than the happiness you have with your partner. In a recent article on MSN, we found that there are specific things you can do to have a happier relationship. I found an interesting connection to a few of the commonalities of happy couples.

There are three things that you probably do for your friends on the daily. It's second nature to you, but maybe not so much for your partner. Happy couples do acts of kindness for each other. We hear stories of people buying a stranger a cup of coffee or opening the door for someone. So for your partner you might pack their lunch, walk out of the room when they're on an important call, or give them a cup of coffee as they walk out the door. Doing a act of kindness for your partner makes them top of mind. 

According to the article, happy couples celebrate each other's accomplishments and good news. Show your excitement for their wins as you would for a friend. If you go over the top for a friend then go over a mountain for your love.

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Happy couples are each other's best friend. Couples who are each other's best friend are happier than couples who aren't. Think about your best friend. Think about what you share with them; the good news and the bad. You turn to your best friend for support and advice. You want to hang out and go places with your best friend. They're who you cry to when you're upset. You share your dreams and fears with your best friend. 

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