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How to calm your kid's coronavirus fears in the classroom

Some kids are nervous about catching the virus now that they're headed back to the classroom. Blanca Cobb shares tips to help calm your kid's fears.

Today, three Triad districts move to B schedules, which is a mix of in person learning and remote learning. Some students are headed back to the classrooms after being at home for the past six months. Students know that the coronavirus is still a risk as they'll wear masks and social distance. Some students are worried about catching the virus at school. As their parent normalize what your kids are feeling. And take it one step further by asking your kids what exactly worries them. Is it that their mask will slip? Is it that they're worried that other kids might have the virus? Is it that they're not sure what to do if their friends get too close? When your child can specifically tell you what's concerning them then it'll be easier for you to help them problem solve and feel better. 

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You want to do more than talk to your kids about their fears. You want to help them work through their fears so they'll feel more confident and comfortable at school. Take these examples. Have your child wear their masks at home for long periods of time. Show them what to do if their masks slide down their face. Show them how to talk to friends who aren't following social distancing guidelines. Show your kids what six feet looks like. Place two markers on the floor that are six feet apart. Do this in different rooms in your home and outside to get your kids used to estimating six feet. 

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