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How to deal with the person who doesn't want to deal with you

You want to talk with someone and they think that you're a bother. Ways to deal.

You consider yourself a nice person, but someone else thinks that you're a bother. When you're nice to someone, it can be a head-scratcher when someone doesn't want to deal with you. Besides actually telling you, someone might give off body language cues that you're a bother. Ask yourself what differences you notice in their baseline behavior. Has their behavior become more negative or disengaging? Or, do they "hmmm" you repeatedly to get you to finish your thoughts. Even with social distancing, you can get a sense if someone thinks you're a bother. Notice the way they're interacting with you compared to other people on the call. 

It can be confusing and hurtful when someone doesn't want to have anything to do with you. Here are a few suggestions on ways to deal with it. You can ask if something's up and talk the situation through. Or, maybe they're having a bad day and you overlook it. Or, you can decide if you want to be around someone who sees you as a bother. I'm not saying to be unkind. I'm saying that you should value yourself enough that you wouldn't want to hang out with someone who doesn't value you. 

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