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How to deal with change that you didn't see coming

When you're not expecting change then it can be difficult to accept. Blanca Cobb shares ways to adapt with the unexpected change.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, life has been nothing but change. From stay-at-home orders to economic instability, many people are adapting to the unexpected change. When you're confronted with unexpected change then you can feel a wide range of emotions from shock and surprise to sadness and anger. And then you'll be plagued with lots of questions such as why me? Why now? What I am supposed to do? How can I survive this? The emotions can be intense and the thoughts paralyzing. 

One way to take control of the situations to control your emotions and your thoughts. Accept that you can't change the change for right now. Don't fight it. Work with it. When you change your attitude then you'll notice that it'll be easier to adapt to your current circumstances. 

Constantly comparing the past to the present will stop you from accepting the new change. The comparisons aren't helpful because they keep you stuck in the past. Unable to move forward. And you can overly emphasize or beautify the past. And that clouds how you see the present. Instead flip the negative to the positive. For example, you have to downsize. Instead of saying that you miss the bigger space. Say you're able to live less cluttered. And that keeps your stress level down. 

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