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How to deal with decisions when they're out of your control

It's not easy when decisions are made that impact your life, but you can't do anything to change them. Blanca Cobb shares tips on how to deal.

Many parents are reacting to the Guilford County schools decision that the school year will start with remote learning for the first, 9-weeks. Some agree and some don’t. What keeps you stuck in these situations is that you tend to ruminate. That is obsessively think about the situation. The more you think about it the worse you feel.

One way to feel better and get your power back is to take action. Figure out what is in your control and address it. Change it. Let’s say that you already got a flavor the virtual learning when the schools closed at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. This is the time to break down the situation. What worked? What didn’t work? What are potential obstacles that could get in the way? And how to address those? Also, it’s critical to have a flexible mindset so you can pivot, change course and adapt quickly.

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In situations where you feel powerless, it’s important to talk to someone who can give a different perspective because they might think of solutions that you haven’t. As the saying goes, “two heads is better than one.” You can even try to think like someone who you know is a super problem solver and ask yourself how might they think. 

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