GREENSBORO, NC - We live in a digital age and that means when we're online, we're going to see advertisements, especially on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

So, if you're going to see them anyway, wouldn't you rather see the ones that mean something to you?

Through Google Ad Settings, you can turn off any ads you don't want to see. All you have to do is sign into your Google account, go to Google Ad Settings and you'll see dozens of ad topics. Click the 'X' next to any topic you're not interested in, and those ads wills top following you around online. Then you simply leave the topics you are interested in.

The next great way to personalize your ads is through a new service Google rolled out, called Mute This Reminder Ad. You know when you look at a pair of shoes online, then an ad for the shoes follows you around on Facebook. This is called a 'reminder' ad. But, if you already bought the shoes or found them cheaper someone else, there's no need to see the reminder anymore.

Now, Google will let you turn off that reminder. You do it the say way you personalized your ad settings, by going to Google Ad Settings, scrolling down to 'your reminders' and turning off the reminder.

Opting out doesn't mean you'll stop seeing ads altogether. It just means you'll see fewer ads and ones that mean something to you.