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How to handle if someone isn't social distancing

To stop the spread of the coronavirus, officials are encouraging social distancing of six feet and wearing masks. What should you do if someone isn't complying?

To stay safe, we have to stay at least 6 feet away from each other. But, not everyone is complying safety precautions. As we've seen on social media, some violators are being shamed. With our new reality as our state is re-opening, what's okay to say or do when you see people not following the safety measures?

When you see someone not wearing a mask or not standing back then you can step back to get the distance. You can preempt the situation by saying something like "I want to make sure that I respect your space and keep you safe." Usually, they'll get the hint. If they don't get the message and still get closer then you can say something more direct like, "I'm feeling uncomfortable that we're standing a bit closer than we should or that you're talking to me without a mask. To stay safe, I'm backing up. Or, I don't want to talk until you have a mask on." It's more direct, but still polite.

One way that some people are choosing to handle the situation is to shame safety violators on social media. The embarrassment, humiliation and anger can cause retaliation. I suggest that you make a simple request or give a reminder. You can't get anyone to listen, so you'll have to make the changes. This means to be prepared to walk away. Or, if you're at a public place like a store or restaurant then bring the situation to the attention of the store manager. And let they handle the situation. 

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